Friday, 8 April 2011

The Usui Reiki System of Healing
The Usui Reiki System of healing is a wonderful time tested method of reaching a state of relaxation and harmony. Healing on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels is also brought forth by the application of the techniques of this system. It is in fact a way of spiritual living founded by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist.
This healing system is commonly known as the Reiki method or system and the word Reiki means “Spiritual or God’s Energy” in Japanese language. The Usui Reiki system or Usui Reiki Ryoho sprang out of Mikao Usui’s enlightenment experience after 21 days of Isyu-Gyo or Shugyo meditation on Mount Kurama.
One can easily experience the shift in energy level and consciousness after receiving a treatment from a Reiki practitioner. The treatments can be administered both hands-on and at a distance. One’s personal energy is never used in Reiki sessions. The practitioners receive the ability to perform Reiki treatments for their clients after receiving sacred initiations for being a part of the Reiki lineage. Every level of the Reiki system comes with its own curriculum and initiations.
Soon after receiving the first initiation, the very thought of using Reiki starts the flow of the divine energy through palms, breath, eyes and intent of the initiate or Reiki Channel. Regular healing practice by the initiate surely deepens the practice and improves the quality of the healing energy being channeled as well.
The Reiki lineage or Teacher-Student Chain is a very important aspect of the Reiki tradition and it starts with Mikao Usui, the founder of the modality and comes down to the student through their teacher, with their teacher’s teacher and their teacher and so on in between. Initiations are actually ceremonies that have been designed to connect the student with God Consciousness lying dormant within them.
One never requires guiding Reiki with the mind. It flows to the required area of the body or personality or the event automatically for the highest good of all those concerned. Reiki is the nurturing energy of the creator or God and helps to obtain harmony. It can never be used to harm anyone and it can be easily learnt by getting initiated by well-trained masters of the Usui Tradition.
Reiki is a way of life and not just a therapy. Reiki works whether you believe in it or not and always helps and heals on subtle levels. The levels of Reiki training include the initial training or Shoden where healing self and others through touch is taught; followed by Okuden or inner training which is targeted towards the learning of distant healing. The final level is termed as Shinpiden, in which, one is taught how to teach the material and initiate students into these three levels.
Several add-on techniques and variants of the Reiki system itself have evolved with time and they all have value. Different schools of Reiki have also emerged with philosophical or doctrinal differences but the energy of the one creator or God remains the same and will always take care of us.